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Selling Advice

Sold-signChoose your Agent wisely; communication between yourself, as a property owner, and your Sales Agent should be easy. You should never feel uncomfortable or embarrassed when asking questions about the service you will be offered, advertising your property, or the sales process. You should have complete confidence in your Agent, especially when the time arrives to negotiate your sale.
We will always work towards achieving the maximum price for your property, and are happy to answer any questions or queries you have.


 There are essentially 3 stages to selling a property; these notes will help you to enjoy a smooth transaction.


Stage 1 -Accepting an offer

This is a relatively simple process; after you have accepted an offer, the agent will confirm this by sending a letter to each parties legal representatives detailing the agreement; this is called ‘The Sales Advice’

The buyer will arrange pest & building reports and their offer is subject to these reports being satisfactory. They will generally expect to re-negotiate if the reports reveal any serious unknown problems.

Please note that the property is not ‘sold’ until the contract is signed and if the sale does not proceed any deposit taken prior to the exchange must be returned.

Stage 2-Exchange

When the buyer is ready to proceed, your solicitor/conveyancer will make an appointment with you to go through the details of the contract.  After you have signed your copy of the contract your solicitor/conveyancer will forward the signed contract to the buyer’s legal representative and the deposit will go to the agent. The buyer’s legal rep. will send their signed contract to your solicitor/conveyancer and this is called The Exchange.

The period of time between Exchange and Settlement is when the legal teams will be preparing documents for the transfer of ownership.  During this time you are expected to maintain the property; this will ensure a smooth transition to settlement.

Stage 3-Settlement

The buyer is entitled to a pre-settlement inspection; this is to determine that the property ‘is’ as it ‘was’ when they agreed to buy it.

It is required that all of your possessions are removed prior to settlement and all keys and remote controllers are with the agent, ready for handover.

The agent will not release the keys to the buyers until they have received written authority from both legal representatives; this is called ‘the orders on the agent’

Following the orders on the agent the balance of the deposit will be accounted to you less the agreed commission.

Our Sales Team is ready and available to give you the personal service you deserve.